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It's Done! Finally! Yes, the idea that got me on none other than The Screen Savers on TechTV, is finally done.  I have come to name it StereoPC.  I have spent many homework hours on this project, but my grades haven't suffered because I rock.... Anyway, I have the pictures posted in a semi-chronological order.  Unfortunately, some images have been doctored because I didn't have my digital camera in hand.

I guess I should first start with why I chose to do this.

It was a cold and blustery January night.  I was slacking, as usual, trying to do everything but homework.  I then remembered something I had once seen, the NES PC.  I then remembered, which is the site that the NES PC maker linked to when telling you what you need to make one.  I then remembered I had wanted to make one of these NES PCs about six months ago.  The Mini-ITX site has a store, in the store was the VIA EPIA M10000, with the Nehemiah core.  It is less than 7"x7".  I then started to watch Leno.  I went to look at the clock on my stereo to see what the time was, and it hit me, like in that Travolta movie, Phenomenon.  I just started putting it together in my head.  

The next day, at school, I was working on AutoCAD.  I started drawing the PC but it wasn't anything major, just enough for an idea of size.  The rest of the day I just kept thinking about it.  At lunch I told my friends about it, one had to be not friendly and question why I would ever want to do something like that.  I knew it would have to be done now.

A few weeks passed, and then a half day at school came up. It was then that I began my deconstruction.  It was pretty easy, but getting everything to work again was hard.  The lack of CD a CD drive made the thing freak out.  I had to slowly reconstruct the controls to find where the problems were.  I did it, and all within about four hours.

Here is everything I took out.  On the left is the CD carousel, and controls.  On the right is the cassette deck.  They took up a lot of room.

I then waited until March 3, and called into The Screen Savers.  My original idea was to make the StereoPC a server.  I couldn't swing the server portion, because I just don't have the resources.

Within the following pages I will dump unto ye an unholy crapload of information, and ramblings...